The US decided not to publicly announce the supply of ATACMS to Ukraine


Joe Biden’s administration has decided not to publicly announce the delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

These are missiles with a cluster warhead, as the US no longer plans to use them in its operations, reports Babel with reference to a British newspaper Financial Times.

One interlocutor of the publication noted that this was done in order not to help the Russians with tips and not to encourage them to move their supply lines further from the front line.

The US will send missiles in the near future, initially in small quantities, the publication’s sources said.

Background: ATACMS are guided ballistic missiles capable of accurately hitting targets at a range of 165 to 310 kilometers, depending on the modification.

These missiles are launched from M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS.

After receiving ATACMS, the Armed Forces will be able to strike strategic targets, for example, the Crimean bridge.

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