The US is imposing sanctions against Kadyrov and his family.  World

The US is imposing sanctions against Kadyrov and his family. World

About this reported on the website of the US Department of Finance.

“Publicly calling himself Putin’s ‘foot soldier’, Kadyrov was promoted to ‘lieutenant general’ for his role in Russia’s subsequent invasion of Ukraine. Chechen units under Kadyrov’s control operated in Buch, where Russian forces committed atrocities and destroyed homes. Kadyrov was recruited to participate in Russia’s military operations through mixed martial arts clubs, which allows him and his units to continue their activities in Ukraine,” the message reads.

Sanctions were also imposed against three wives: Medna Kadyrova, Fatima Khazuyeva, Aminat Akhmadova, as well as three daughters of Kadyrov and his cousin – Turpal-Ali Vakhaevich Ibrahimov.

In particular, due to the limited dust, Viktor Zhidkov, Volodymyr Komlev, Eddie Astanin, Andrii Melnikov, Maria Lvova-Belova and others.

  • On July 12, European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders announced that the European Union has frozen Russian assets worth 13.8 billion euros since Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine began.
  • As a reminder, about 80 million euros have been frozen in Latvian banks due to sanctions imposed against Russia due to the war in Ukraine.
  • The EU canceled sanctions against Yanukovych and Pshonka for embezzlement of state funds.
  • Previously, 9 EU countries stopped issuing tourist visas for Russians.
  • Deputies of the European Parliament appealed to the High Representative of the EU for foreign policy and security policy Josep Borrell and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic chairing the EU Council, Jan Lipavsky, with a proposal to ban the issuance of visas to certain groups of citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus.
  • On September 15, the EU Council decided to extend the validity of restrictive measures against persons responsible for undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

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