The US sends a naval strike group with the largest aircraft carrier to support Israel | News of Ukraine


The Pentagon sent a strike group of ships led by the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford to the Eastern Mediterranean to support Israel in the war against Hamas terrorists. This is reported by Associated Press.

As stated by the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austinthe USS Gerald R. Ford strike group has been ordered to move to the Eastern Mediterranean to assist Israel if necessary in the war against Hamas terrorists.

The carrier will be accompanied by cruisers and destroyers, reportedly for a show of force, to stop new shipments of weapons to Hamas and to monitor the situation.

The carrier strike group was already in the Mediterranean when hostilities began. Last week she took part in naval exercises with the Italian Navy in the Ionian Sea.

This is the first full combat deployment of the newest US aircraft carrier, the report emphasizes.

On May 23, 2023, Gerald R. Ford took part in NATO military exercises in the Baltic Sea. Russia then called the entry of the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford into the Baltic β€œillogical and harmful.”

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