The USA still uses nuclear fuel purchased from Russia



About 20% of the nuclear fuel used in the US comes from Russia for enrichment.

About this stated US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Geoffrey Payette at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on US national security interests in Ukraine on Wednesday, November 8.

According to him, the USA still buys fuel for its nuclear reactors from the Russian Federation – it is about 20%.

Payette noted that the US’s dependence on Russian nuclear fuel poses a threat to the country’s national security. Therefore, in order to reduce it, President Joe Biden asked Congress for 2.2 billion dollars to support the strategy of stimulating American companies to increase enrichment and conversion capacities.

He added that the administration does not exclude the possibility of introducing a ban on the import of nuclear fuel from Russia.

We will also add that, as reported by the publication Financial TimesUS Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy Catherine Huff called on Congress to provide funds to restore the domestic supply chain and limit imports from the Russian Federation.

She emphasized that the Russian Federation controls almost 50% of the world’s uranium enrichment capacity and for many years has successfully worked to undermine the American nuclear energy supply chain by dumping cheap enriched uranium products on world markets.

“It is extremely important to get rid of our dependence, especially on Russia. If we do not act, the Russian Federation will continue to contain the nuclear potential of the United States. It’s really important for national security.” – said Huff.

It will be recalled that on November 8, the US Congress supported the draft law on the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine.

It was also reported that Ukraine will produce nuclear fuel for its own nuclear power plants.

Previously, we analyzed how many nuclear reactors there are in the world and how many years they have been operating.

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Source: The USA still uses nuclear fuel purchased from Russia


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