The USA will provide additional assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s energy system



The US is ready to allocate up to 500 million dollars to support Ukraine’s energy system, which is under threat of Russian strikes before the onset of cold weather.

This was reported during press briefing Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Jeffrey Payette.

“The USA has already provided Ukraine with more than $520 million in aid for the energy sector. We know that another 500 million dollars is on the way.” he said.

It is noted that these funds will be directed to meet the urgent needs of the energy infrastructure, including the purchase of new transformers and the organization of production facilities for the restoration of the energy infrastructure.

“Vladimir Putin tried to turn the winter cold into a weapon and use it as a tool to break the will of the people of Ukraine. I am convinced that he will fail.” – emphasized the representative of the State Department.

Payette added that the US is working with the Ukrainian government to build a decentralized energy system that is fully integrated with Europe – more sustainable and much more environmentally friendly.

It will be recalled that at the beginning of November, the State Government announced that it was necessary to prepare for Russian attacks on the energy system of Ukraine.

In addition, the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, announced a response to Russia’s attempts to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

In September, it was reported that Ukraine received more than 500 million dollars from the United States to strengthen and reform the energy system.

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Source: The USA will provide additional assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s energy system


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