The USA will soon deliver a new batch of cluster munitions to Ukraine – NYT


The administration of US President Joe Biden intends to transfer a new large batch of cluster munitions to Ukraine in the near future.

This is reported with reference to three American officials The New York Times.

The August footage of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Urozhany in the southeast leaves no doubt about the effectiveness of cluster munitions, the publication notes.

The first shipment of cluster munitions was sent to Ukraine in mid-summer to ensure that the Armed Forces would not run out of ammunition. In the near future, the US plans to send even more ammunition of this type.

According to one American official, these weapons played a key role in maintaining the momentum that the armed forces have recently gained on the southern front.

Some Ukrainian military personnel have said that the American cluster munitions have become a powerful complement to other Western weapons and a necessary replacement for their depleted stockpile of 155mm artillery shells.

Cluster munitions are used mainly in situations where enemy infantry is unprotected. They are largely ineffective against entrenched Russian positions, which are the main obstacle to a counteroffensive.

According to Western officials and experts, cluster munitions are the most effective against forces and convoys dispersed in open terrain.

It will be recalled that Ukraine undertook to use cluster munitions in the war, adhering to five principles. At the beginning of August, the first report on their use was given to the Pentagon.

Not all allies supported the provision of this type of military aid to Ukraine, more about their position can be found in the “Word and Deed” infographic.

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Source: The USA will soon deliver a new batch of cluster munitions to Ukraine – NYT


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