The war in Ukraine – the Russians are storming Avdiivka with large forces for the second day – UNIAN


The enemy used here for the first time more than fifty units of equipment, under 2,000 personnel, but the Armed Forces are holding the defense.

Barabash noted that the situation in the city is difficult / photo

The Russians launched a massive offensive on Avdiivka yesterday. The offensive actions of the occupiers continue for the second day.

“The situation remains very tense. Indeed, yesterday they went on the offensive en masse. Around the 3rd, massive shelling of positions around the city began. Both from the north and from the south, and the “promka” itself also began to be covered. Closer to the 5th, The 6th already started to hit the city. Yesterday they stormed with large forces – dozens of armored vehicles. A lot was burned (by our defenders – UNIAN). Under 2,000 personnel took part in the assault yesterday,” said the head of the Avdiiv City Military Administration Vitaly Barabash on the air of the telethon.

According to him, the ZSU was very difficult.

“But, unfortunately, everything did not end yesterday. The fighting has been going on for a whole day without a break, and at night they held both the north and the south of the city. And the city itself was also beaten,” said the head of the MBA.

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He noted that today the occupiers no longer use equipment, but mostly storm in large groups of 20-30 people from different directions.

To a clarifying question, whether it is possible to say that a new big battle for Avidiivka has begun, Barabash answered: “Definitely yes. Because since the beginning of a full-scale war, this has never happened – it was previously announced that about 50 units of equipment went on the offensive yesterday, but we really know , that more than 60 pieces of equipment were shot down in our direction yesterday. A plane was shot down, an Mi-8 helicopter was shot down. This has never happened. At most, when they stormed, there were 20-25 pieces of equipment.”

He noted that, on the basis of this, it can really be stated that a very large confrontation is now beginning in the Avdiiv direction.

According to his data, as a result of these enemy attacks in Avdiivka, one dead civilian born in 1938 is known to date, and there are also wounded. Enemy shells hit high-rise buildings and an open area, along the Avdiiv coke plant, in the old part of the city.

The situation in Avdiytsia – the latest news

On October 4, analysts of the Institute for the Study of War noted that the occupiers increased the intensity and expanded the geographical area of ​​offensive operations in the Avdiivka area.

Yesterday, October 10, the General Staff informed in an operational report that Russians with forces of up to three battalions, supported by tanks and armored vehicles, intensified offensive actions in the Avdiyivka, Tonenko, Keramik, and Pervomaisky areas of the Donetsk region.

Today, the ISW announced that the Russians are advancing near Avdiivka in order to distract the Armed Forces from another important direction. According to experts, the Russians are trying to surround Avdiivka, but it is unlikely that they will succeed with the forces available in the area.

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