The White House answered when Ukrainian pilots will start training on the F-16


It was previously reported that these exercises may take place on the territory of the United States.

The USA answered when the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 will begin / REUTERS

The United States, together with its European allies, is working to ensure that the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters begins as soon as possible.

John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications of the US National Security Council, said this at a briefing, writes “European truth”. However, the official added that he has no new information about the training of Ukrainian pilots.

“After Vilnius (NATO summit – UNIAN) and the G7 summit, the president (Joe Biden – UNIAN) made a firm commitment that we support… the supply of F-16s to Ukraine. And we must start with training… We are actively working with our European allies and friends to begin this training as soon as possible,” Kirby said.

Training on the F-16

The training of Ukrainian aviators was supposed to start in June. Western media reported that the United States of America could be holding back the start of the exercises.

The same opinion was expressed by the former Supreme Commander of NATO’s forces in Europe, retired General Philip Breedlove. According to him, this is due to fears of a possible escalation on the part of Russia.

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In mid-July, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that President Joe Biden has already given the “green light”, but Europe needs a few more weeks to prepare.

According to The Washington Post, the completion of the training of the first group of Ukrainian pilots can be expected at least in the summer of 2024.

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