There are 3 ships of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea: are there missile carriers


About this write Navy of the Armed Forces.

It is noted that Russian forces maintain one ship each in the Azov and Mediterranean seas. Note that there are no missile carriers among them.

During the day, in the interests of the Russian Federation, the passage through the Kerch Strait was carried out by:

  • to the Sea of 鈥嬧婣zov – 21 vessels, of which 4 were moving from the Bosphorus Strait;
  • to the Black Sea – 22 vessels, of which 1 continued its movement in the direction of the Bosphorus Strait.

Photo: Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

  • As of the morning of November 8, the Russian occupiers kept 8 ships on combat duty in the Black Sea. Among them were 3 missile carriers, the total volley of which was up to 24 missiles.



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