There are about 3,500 lawsuits in courts from Court Security Service’s employees not receiving ‘combat’ UAH 30,000


About 3,500 lawsuits filed by officers of the Court Security Service, who for almost a year did not receive additional payments of UAH 30,000 provided for by law due to lack of funding, are currently under consideration in Ukrainian courts, Acting Head of Ukraine’s State Judicial Administration (SJA) Maksym Pampura said.

In an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine, explaining the situation with the debt on payments of the so-called “combat” 30,000 employees of the Court Security Service of Ukraine, Pampura said that after the introduction of martial law, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution that employees of a number of government agencies, including the Court Security Service, an additional remuneration of UAH 30,000 is introduced.

“We did not know about the development of this resolution, just as the Ministry of Finance did not know and did not participate in its development. When we found out, we started thinking about where to get these resources: we turned to the Cabinet of Ministers, the budget committee, sent official appeals to the prime minister, but additional resources to pay these funds were never allocated,” Pampura said.

According to him, on January 20, 2023, the Court Security Service was excluded from the list of entities eligible to receive these payments. “That is, in the period from February 24, 2022 to January 20, 2023, employees of the Court Security Service should receive these payments, but they did not receive them,” Pampura said, adding that this is the only public agency from the entire list that did not receive these payments.

“Thus, as of today, we have about 3,500 lawsuits from employees of the Court Security Service (and there are 4,200 in total) against non-payment of this money. As far as I understand, these funds will not be allocated, and the only way out employees of the Court Security Service to receive funds through court decisions on recovery,” the Judicial Administration’s acting head said.

Pampura said consideration of the lion’s share of these claims is suspended until the decision of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court in the so-called exemplary case, in which all these claims will already be considered.

“In our budget for the next year, we took into account these debts – about UAH 2 billion. If court decisions are in the interests of the employees of the Court Security Service, then we will have the resource to pay them,” the administration’s acting head said.

Speaking generally about the budget of the judiciary for next year, Pampura said the State Judicial Administration had filed a budget request for 36 billion, while the “limits” from the Ministry of Finance was 14.59 billion plus a special fund.



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