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Explosions were heard in Starokonstantinov on the morning of November 28, Russian occupiers attacked with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones

Dmitry Grinichenko

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Explosions thunder in Starokonstantinov, Russia attacks "I am a martyr"air defense forces are working Shahedi (Photo – Serhii Naev Telegram)

In Starokonstantinov on the morning of November 28, explosions were heard, Russian occupiers attacked with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. About it reported Deputy Head of the Khmelnitsky Regional Military Administration Sergei Tyurin.

According to him, air defense forces were working in the Khmelnytsky district, where Starokonstantinov is located.

The official urged residents to take shelter until the air raid warning cleared.

Before this, about the movement of a group of “martyrs” in the direction of Starokonstantinov wrote at the Air Force Command.

The city is home to a military airfield where Su-24M front-line bombers are based, which are capable of carrying Storm Shadow and SCALP cruise missiles.

On the night of November 25, the aggressor country sent 75 Russian-Iranian Shahed-type attack drones to Ukraine; the Air Defense Forces shot down 71 of them.

  • On the night of November 25, the terrorist country Russia attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones of the Shahed-131/136 type. In Kyiv, drones were shot down, air defense was working, the head of the KGVA said.
  • The official informed that there were two victims from the falling debris – both had an acute stress reaction, without hospitalization.
  • The President of Latvia spent half the night in a shelter in Kyiv. Afterwards he called for strengthening the air defense of Ukraine.

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