There are no NATO troops in Ukraine

There are no NATO troops in Ukraine

Stoltenberg: There are no NATO troops in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg once again says there are neither instructors nor military units of the Alliance forces in Ukraine.

He said this at a press conference in Brussels on Friday. As it is known, one of the Russian propaganda narratives is that allegedly NATO troops are fighting in Ukraine.

Stoltenberg said that in order to control advanced air defense systems, as well as artillery that allies supply to Ukraine, the Ukrainian military is trained directly in the member countries of the alliance. As an example, he cited the supply of advanced HIMARS air defense systems.

He said when a specialist is needed to manage this system, whether it be an air defense system or an artillery system, Ukrainians receive training in a NATO country. But NATO employees do not do any work on the territory of Ukraine. This emphasizes that NATO is not a party to the conflict – they have no troops on the ground, but NATO allies are helping Ukraine to carry out self-defense, according to the Secretary General.

The Secretary General said that in this way the Allies can ensure that the Ukrainians can manage advanced systems without having to deploy NATO personnel in Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also believes that the issue of providing Ukraine with air defense systems, as Poland recently discussed, in particular, the transfer of Patriot belonging to Germany, is the competence of a particular state.

The Secretary General said concrete decisions regarding specific systems are national decisions.

In addition, he said the allies continue to increase the production capacity of the military-industrial complex.

Stoltenberg said partly NATO officials were able to increase production in the allied countries by producing equipment from the Soviet Union and ammunition of the time, which is extremely urgent, since Ukraine has Soviet-style artillery, and they need ammunition and spare parts. The allies in the eastern part of the alliance have this production, and they increased production.


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