There is a queue of more than 2,000 trucks to enter Ukraine – DPSU


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On the morning of November 17, the strike of carriers is still going on at the Polish border. Because of this, about 2,400 trucks are waiting to leave Poland at checkpoints.

This was announced by the spokesman of the State Border Service Andriy Demchenko during the telethon on Friday.

“As of this morning, there are about 2,400 cargo vehicles on the territory of Poland, in the direction of leaving this country, in order to get to Ukraine. The biggest one is opposite the Jagodin checkpoint. These are 1,100 cargo vehicles. The rest are at the Krakovets and Rava-Ruska checkpoints.” Demchenko said.

According to him, in an hour, the participants of the strike pass several trucks in the direction of both exit from Poland and entry. The most intense traffic of the three checkpoints that are blocked is observed at the “Krakivets” highway.

At the same time, the number of vehicles waiting to cross the border from Poland to Ukraine has been at the level of 2,400-2,500 trucks for the past few days.

It will be recalled that since November 6, Polish carriers have started a protest action near three checkpoints on the border between Poland and Ukraine. Among the demands of Polish carriers is to restore the need for Ukrainian carriers to obtain permits to enter the European Union.

It became known from the mass media that the EU may punish Poland for blocking the border with Ukraine.

On November 16, representatives of Ukraine and Poland held negotiations with the carriers, but it was not possible to find a joint solution.

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Source: There is a queue of more than 2,000 trucks to enter Ukraine – DPSU


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