there is corruption in Ukraine, but we fight it


There is corruption in Ukraine, as in other countries, but the state is fighting it, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna has said.

“Currently, the Russian Federation is conducting many information special operations both on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders, since we are awaiting a decision from the European Union, since decisions are being prepared through NATO, as well as decisions on bilateral military assistance. This narrative is now actively being fueled, and it manifested itself at all important stages of the development of our country. But this is not an excuse – there is corruption in Ukraine. But the most important message that the state sends to its citizens today is that we are fighting corruption. This is a continuous process,” Stefanishyna said in interview with the Estonian publication ERR.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that corruption exists everywhere, but the question is whether it interferes with people’s lives, whether it limits their rights. “If people feel it, it gives rise to their dissatisfaction with the state. If not, then it is enough to create all the necessary institutions so that they work, and so that citizens know that if there is a case of corruption, then there are consequences, that is, sentences. Today in Ukraine, all this is there, but this is still not enough for people to feel that such a phenomenon as corruption does not interfere with their lives,” she concluded.



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