There will be no pseudo-referendum in Melitopol on September 11 - the mayor

There will be no pseudo-referendum in Melitopol on September 11 – the mayor

photo by Ukrinform

The Russian occupiers had to refuse to hold the so-called referendum on September 11 in Melitopol. The reason is low support among the local population.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov announced this at a briefing on Friday.

In Melitopol, the “headquarters” for the preparation of the pseudo-referendum flew into the airIn the former building of the New Post Office, the occupiers were preparing a pseudo-referendum in the city. They are no longer leading – the headquarters has been destroyed
September 7, 2022, 11:21 p.m

“There will be no referendum on September 11 in the occupied territories. Initially, the Rashists tried to hold it at the end of August. In mid-August, they went on their first door-to-door tour to see what support they had among the civilian population. They clearly saw that less than 10% agreed to participate in the fake referendum. After that, the occupiers refused to hold it and now say that the referendum will be held in a few months. And this means that it will never be”Fedorov said.

We will remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the resistance of the local population do not allow the Russian occupiers to hold a pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region.

OVA reported that the Russians will not be able to hold a “referendum” in the Luhansk region in the near future.

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