They left the occupiers without ammunition, "trophied" enemy equipment: how the partisan detachment of Dergachyv region worked |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

They left the occupiers without ammunition, “trophied” enemy equipment: how the partisan detachment of Dergachyv region worked | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

They left the occupiers without equipment and ammunition, conducted reconnaissance and surrendered the enemy’s positions to our military – a partisan movement was formed in Dergachyv region from the beginning of the invasion. More than 20 volunteers, reliable locals, were gathered around him by the head of the local community. He remembers how on February 26, together with his comrades, he went to the already occupied Kozacha Lopan to support the people.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko, head of the Dergachy community

We understood that the Russians were there. But I, as the mayor, had to appear on the territory so that people could see that the authorities had not fled, that we were working, to tell them how to behave in the presence of the occupying forces, and where to evacuate. We changed into dirty clothes so as not to arouse suspicion. Perhaps, until the end, we did not understand how the Russians would behave with the detainees, we hoped that they did not yet know what the mayor looked like. So we went, conducted reconnaissance, recorded their equipment, met with the local population. We went around Kozacha Lopan, returned to the city of Dergachi. We provided information to our military about the location of the occupying forces on the territory of our community.

On the way back, they encountered enemy tanks on the road. Without crews. They tried to act as carefully as possible, but of course there was a risk.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko, head of the Dergachy community

We slowed down, got out of the car, walked along the street, looked to see if there were any Russians in the yards, they could have entered some private house. People came out into the street, we talked with them, told them that we would provide humanitarian aid. But they damaged the enemy’s equipment, knocked out their sights, caused damage.

Apparently, it was necessary to deal more with humanitarian issues, and not partisanship, says Zadorenko. But his parents remained in the occupation.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko, head of the Dergachy community

Locals called, told that they used physical violence against my mother, pressured her psychologically, took her to the basement. This provoked anger – for their village, for their parents, whom they murdered. And I understood that I must do everything possible to free our territory as soon as possible.

Brothers Vladyslav and Yaroslav remember how they started with the delivery of humanitarian aid, then they repaired a few tanks that had been thrown by firecrackers and handed them over to the 93rd Brigade. Then they officially joined the ranks of the border service. They remember the battle during which they almost stayed forever on the road between Prudyanka and Tsupivka, where they came under fire.


This was their forward checkpoint, there were constant battles here. Our task was to storm Tsupivka and somehow take it under our control. But it was impossible, there were too many of them here. We decided to storm them head on. At this place were their trenches, there were armored personnel carriers, and here were 2 of their Tigers. I fired between them, fired high-explosive shells at the infantry. Then they came closer, I shot at the Tiger, hit the engine of the car. There was a flash, it was burning here. And because of the Tiger, I saw it in the scope, one orc came out with an RPG and shot at our tank. The missile went higher and I fired at him from the tank. And his shoes remained on Tigra.

The occupiers set up a real fortified area here: the brothers could not break through the checkpoint and had to retreat.


We thought we would storm them and take them away, because there were not many of them there. But there were a lot of them here, there was a lot of equipment under the mountain. Aerial reconnaissance was conducted many times, but we did not see them. We did not know that their tanks were there. There was fire, the priority target was their equipment. But the checkpoint had to be destroyed. I hit here 3-4 times.


During the retreat, we shot at the enemy, and somewhere on the retreat, they picked up Orlan, who followed us all the way. We have already cut and confused.

It was decided to stop in the landing and try to shoot down the drone, but the enemy struck first.


The moment when we were returning from Tsupivka in a tank, we hurried to land, so that the artillery would not hit the positions where we were stationed, we waited. And already in this landing, we were hit with artillery and there were already such thoughts that guys, we will probably stay here. This is when you are clearly beaten. Probably, I don’t know, God saved. We returned there after six months, looked and thought how we all survived. There were neither 200 nor 300, there were 15 of us there. And everyone was alive, no one was hit.

The base of the partisans was located in Dergachy, from here they called informants in the border villages, intelligence operations were planned here.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko, head of the Dergachy community

We are local, we knew many people in the villages along the state border. By calling them, we received a lot of comprehensive information: where they were going, how many cars were in the convoy, in which direction they were moving. We provided all this to the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the 93rd and 92nd brigades that defended our Dergachiv Oblast.

Knowledge of the area helped to make ambushes in the most inconvenient places for the occupiers.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko, head of the Dergachy community

It was our military, with the help of the American Javelin system, that ambushed these columns of powerful Russian equipment.

90 percent of Prudyanka village was destroyed. It was from here that reconnaissance drones were launched.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko, head of the Dergachy community

This drone with a rocket will fly to Tsupovka right now, a gift. A grenade was attached to the drone, we flew to film the placement of Russian troops and, finding manpower, dropped a rocket at them. The main task was to demoralize the occupiers so that they would not move freely through the settlement. Any sound caused fear in them, the Russians climbed into the trenches and thus we managed to evacuate people in Dergach. There is such a field on Tokarivochka-2 across the border, where a 74-year-old woman used to gather people in her house. And we broke through these fields and took people to the city of Dergachi.

A pile of abandoned equipment, shells – all this was collected and began to work already against the occupiers. Unique footage, a chronicle of the defeat of the Russian army.

They left the occupiers without ammunition,

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