Кидали зброю та побутову техніку: як вибивали окупантів в районі Липців 9

They threw weapons and household appliances: how they knocked out the occupiers in the Liptsi district News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The ground is covered with shell casings – from here the occupiers fired at the positions of the Ukrainian defenders. This is all that remained from the invasion of the Rashists in the Liptsi district.

military serviceman, call sign “Engineer”

This rusty thing is a Russian MTLB. 2 MTLB were leaving here, they were working in our direction, in the city of Borschova, where our units of our battalion were located. They disguised themselves in the forest belt. But thanks to our fighters – callsigns Chancellor and Kirpych – this MTLB was destroyed by a direct hit.

The occupants managed to escape in the second armored car, but not far. The enemy has been overtaken and now its equipment will work to destroy the invaders. The military is counting how many settlements were liberated in this direction during the loud counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of the Kharkiv region.

military serviceman, call sign “Engineer”

These are Borshchova, Slobozhanske, Lyptsi, Hlyboke, Strelecha, Borysivka, Lukyantsi – these are the ones in the lane of our battalion. As well as from the left bank of Prohoda, Velyki Prohoda were also liberated by the 127th brigade of the TrO. The very operation that was carried out was a very important tactical plan that was carried out by the Armed Forces. I believe that thanks to our actions, the 127th brigade, the 129th, and the attached units, they contributed to the liberation of Kharkiv region. We drew a lot of attention to ourselves, they thought that the main offensive would be in this direction, which allowed the smog to liberate a lot of settlements in other directions.

The occupiers were knocked out of Borschova on the second attempt. But, the soldiers thank God and their comrades-in-arms, there were no casualties – several soldiers were wounded.

military serviceman, call sign “Arun”

We were walking along the street, came across machine guns, there were three of them, tried to shoot them down, threw grenades. The enemy was more than us and we had to retreat. Then there was a second assault, we already entered with larger forces, dug in in the forest and squeezed out. Then they were expelled from Borshkova.

One of the prisoners, a soldier from the LPR, told how the occupiers tried to hold the settlement.

military serviceman, call sign “Arun”

He told me that there were several dozen of them here when we attacked, they called in Lypka and the Russian garrison was already on the way to Borshkova with tanks and artillery covering us.

The Rashists left behind destroyed houses and piles of rubbish in the basements where they hid.

VCRs and TVs were hidden in such basements. The content of all discs is porn. They were also very surprised by the fact that there are very few cassettes and discs in our homes. When we say that we just watch through the Internet, they were very surprised.

The village emptied. The minister of the local church says that people used to come even on Easter, and then the church was closed. Only the occupiers came – they launched drones from the bell tower and surveyed the area.

Serhiy, altar boy in the church of the village Borshchev

The fact that these are rashists – that says everything. When they entered the temple with weapons, they climbed the bell tower with weapons and fired. They have nothing sacred. Chechens and Ossetians walked around here. We saw it all, it was all before our eyes.

There are more people in nearby Lyptsy – locals are gathering near the store, waiting for humanitarian aid and trying to get used to the silence on the streets – the round-the-clock shelling has ended.


We haven’t acclimatized yet. It’s just wild that you can sleep peacefully at night and don’t shoot. We have a private house, lived at home. We think the old ones are going to die anyway. Well, sit in the cellar? We spent the night in the hut, we did not go anywhere.


We now have enough of everything except firewood and coal. And there is no gas. And there is no light for 7 months. Well, we are rural residents, so we can handle it.

The mood of the majority is high, they hope for a quick recovery of life in the village.

Mykola Timofeyovych

They fed me humanitarian aid, they take it every day, today they even brought bread. We stand in the rain for sin. We live slowly. Stores need to open. They give money, but where to carry it? Only to Vita for meat and bacon, no one else.

People tell how they lived with the occupiers for six months. Russian peace, they say, enough of them.

Mykola Timofeyovych

They walked through the yards. What were they looking for… Weapons, drugs? Where do we get this from? Cars were taken from people, they behaved badly. And so they lived, lost 10 kg. Fed up with the Russian world to the very tonsils.

After the release, many people left. Those who remained are hoping for the restoration of gas and electricity supply – winter is not far off.

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