they will talk about de-escalation and hostages


About this at the briefing before the visit told Macron’s advisers. writes Reuters.

According to one of the representatives of the ElysΓ©e Palace, the French president with his visit seeks not only to show solidarity with Israel, but also to make “the most operational proposals” to prevent escalation, release the hostages, guarantee the security of Israel and work on a solution to the conflict based on the “two-state” principle. .

Declining to specify what those proposals might be, Macron’s adviser said only that there are things that can be done to ensure that Israel does not feel alone in the fight against terrorism.

A meeting of the French leader with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, as well as a visit to one or more capitals of Arab countries in the region has not been ruled out at the ElysΓ©e Palace.

Earlier, the office of the Prime Minister of Israel confirmed Macron’s visit. There, he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Yitzhak Herzog and opposition leaders who are part of the government of national unity.

Macron’s visit will also have particular resonance in France, whose Muslim and Jewish communities are under tension after the killing of a teacher by an Islamist militant, which French authorities have linked to events in Gaza.

The French president follows several Western leaders who have visited Israel to show support for the country, including United States President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

  • France has been on high alert since October 13, after a man attacked a lycΓ©e in French Arras, killing a teacher and injuring two others. None of the lyceum students were injured. It is noted that during the attack the killer shouted “Allah akbar”. As a result, the man was detained, the police also caught his brother.
  • Later, the press service of the Louvre announced the closure of the museum for a day for security reasons after an armed attack by Islamists in the northeastern town of Arras. Following the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles was also evacuated.
  • On October 18, passengers were evacuated from six airports in France. They received reports of landmines. In addition, visitors to the Palace of Versailles were evacuated.
  • On October 21, visitors to the Palace of Versailles were evacuated for the sixth time in a week: the police received a report about a mine attack.
  • On October 22, the Palace of Versailles outside Paris was evacuated for security reasons at noon on Sunday for the seventh time in eight days, and reopened two hours later after being inspected.
  • On October 23, French Transport Minister ClΓ©ment Beaune announced increased security at Paris airports and train stations due to waves of fake reports of landmines.



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