Timofiyev about the need to communicate in the language of reason, not emotions


Two formulations.

Number 1. We will achieve our goal – at any cost and under any circumstances. There are no “ifs”. Everything depends on us. There is no room for doubt. Opponents – get out of the way. The one who is with us is a friend and a brother.

Number 2. We will achieve our goal – provided that we solve the tasks that ensure its achievement. We understand our problems and will make every effort to solve them. Not everything depends on us, but everyone in their place knows what they are doing. Doubt – ask, disagree – discuss.

Chose a number – chose fate.

The emotional power of the wording is obviously different. And this is a trap. The decisiveness of the wording is not a sign of the quality of the decision. The subjective degree of certainty has nothing to do with objective validity.

First is a typical tambourine dance cliché. It causes a quick emotional reaction, shuts off the mind and means it is almost guaranteed to lead nowhere.

Others — wording aimed at involving the mind. In fact, this is a description of the normal management process of working with goals.

Mind is man’s strongest weapon. For all its limitations, it is. Without the participation of the mind, there is no chance of achieving complex goals.

If a set of irrevocable statements is offered to achieve complex goals and rational language is not used, then someone considers someone to be an empty-headed performer in their game. Did you choose this role for sure?

A leader’s personal commitment to his own beliefs is his business and nothing more. You have to talk to people in the language of reason, otherwise they are not people, but a crowd. Yes, it is difficult, yes, we have never had this before. But let me ask a simple question – do you like the result as it was?

There is one empirical law. Any transformation, reform or revolution has a chance of long-term success when the management of the system moves to a qualitatively higher level after a shock. If not, revolutions start a downward spiral. The result will be on the scoreboard.

The quality of management is its intellectual capacity.

Take care of the remnants of your mind, without them the final stop is the zoo. More precisely, a squad.

P.S. And by the way, nothing inspires more than an ambitious goal in harmony with common sense. When the heart does not argue with the mind, but works together.


About the author. Oleksiy Timofiev, author of the course at the Deloitte Academy in Ukraine, former manager of Smart-Holding

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