Tkachenko told how they want to restore the Skovoroda museum in Kharkiv region

Tkachenko told how they want to restore the Skovoroda museum in Kharkiv region

To restore such objects as the National Literary Memorial Museum of Grigory Skovoroda in Skovorodynivka, Kharkiv Region, the Ministry of Culture plans to look for direct donors or chiefs.

This was announced by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko at a briefing in Kharkiv on Wednesday, August 3.

The occupiers stole and took exhibits from Mariupol museums to DonetskThe Russians stole and took to Donetsk more than two thousand unique exhibits from Mariupol museums. The city authorities are preparing an appeal to Interpol.
April 28, 2022, 2:37 p.m

“There is one special object of special importance in Kharkiv region. It is Skovorodinivka, a museum that was bombed, we are 100% sure of it, on purpose. We cited such examples at meetings with my fellow ministers of the European Union and UNESCO. These cases will be recorded as war crimes. And we will work on such individual cases to find direct bosses, donors for the restoration of such objects”– said Tkachenko.

In his opinion, the Russian military also purposefully destroyed the historical and local history museum in Ivankiv (Kyiv region), where the paintings of Maria Priymachenko were stored.

According to Tkachenko, at the moment it is not possible to say exactly how much money is needed for the restoration of the museum complex in Skovorodynivka – it is necessary to first assess the nature of the destruction, and then prepare project documentation. However, we can already say that it is at least tens of millions of hryvnias, he added.

We will remind you that on the night of May 7 in Skovorodynivka, Kharkiv Oblast, a fire broke out in the Skovorody Literary and Memorial Museum as a result of a Russian missile strike.

In Mariupol, the occupiers bombed the building of the Art Museum.


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