Tochka-U missile launched by Russians found near Kherson: deactivation video – Ukrainian news, Regional news


In the Kherson region, explosives experts discovered and neutralized the Russian missile “Tochka-U”. To do this, she first had to be transported to another place. The video was released by the Ministry of the Interior.

The rocket was found in a field near one of the settlements. She did not detonate, and the warhead remained intact. Taking into account the angle at which it entered the ground, it was established that the launch took place from the temporarily occupied territories.

The found rocket is a part of the Soviet model “Tochka-U” with a warhead in the form of a modified aerial bomb.

The blast wave from the explosion should be very strong, the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted. The situation was also complicated by the fact that the missile hit close to important communication lines, so the missile was transported in order to neutralize it as safely as possible. The warhead was buried in a pit so that the soil would take over the main detonation, and the debris would not fly far, the department said.

  • Russia regularly shells Kherson and the settlements of the region liberated from the invaders, using artillery, drones and aircraft.

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