Today I spent the whole day with our soldiers on the front line – Zelenskyi’s address


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On Monday, September 4, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited the combat brigades that defend Ukraine as part of the operational-tactical group “Donetsk” and in the Zaporizhia region.

The Ukrainian leader stated this in his evening address.

According to him, it is very, very useful – to hear from those who are going into battle directly, what exactly is missing, what exactly is enough and what exactly needs to be changed.

“It is extremely important to support our soldiers, to communicate with the brigade commanders and combatants. Everything that the soldiers talked about will be questions for the members of the Stavka. Especially regarding WEB – you guys have heard everything”– said Zelensky.

The main points from the President’s address:

  • Today the whole day is with our soldiers. Combat brigades in Donetsk region. 109th separate ground defense brigade, 110th separate mechanized, 36th, 37th, 38th brigades of our marines, 79th DSHV, 53rd mechanized, 59th motorized infantry. Each is powerful. I am proud of everyone. And thank you guys for your honesty! Zaporozhye direction. 148th Separate Artillery, 82nd DSHV, 71st Separate Hunting Brigade – thank you for your service! To everyone!

  • He awarded our military doctors, thanked the teams of the headquarters – great people who save heroes, restore life, restore strength. A real Ukrainian character, a Cossack, when the boys recover from injuries and return to the position of their brothers. And they destroy the occupier again. It is an honor to thank such soldiers!

  • He noted the bravery of our soldiers – more than 50 awards. He presented the “Golden Stars” to the Heroes of Ukraine – Major Oleg Dmytruk, DSHV, and Colonel Viktor Sikoza, Marine Corps. Thank you, warriors!

It will be recalled that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy confirmed the dismissal of Oleksiy Reznikov from the post of Minister of Defense of Ukraine and named his successor. Subsequently, Reznikov submitted his resignation.

Also, after the conversation with Macron, Zelensky announced an “important agreement” regarding security guarantees.

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Source: Today I spent the whole day with our soldiers on the front line – Zelenskyi’s address


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