Today, more than ever, a Ukrainian song is needed: Oleg Skrypka played in the Kharkiv subway  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Today, more than ever, a Ukrainian song is needed: Oleg Skrypka played in the Kharkiv subway News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Some say “We are from Ukraine”, and some say “We are for Kharkiv”. Because courageous people live here and we have come from Kyiv to convey our greetings to you from all of Ukraine. We are proud of how Kharkiv met the enemy – no one has met like this. Kudos to you, thank you.

Oleg Skrypka played in the Kharkiv metro. The band came to support Ukrainian defenders and in the evening decided to give a concert for the townspeople. The musician did not come to Kharkiv for 8 years.

Oleg Skrypka, leader of the band “VV”

We have already visited the military here near Kharkov and today we decided to play in the subway. I haven’t been to Kharkiv for 8 years, because everything was set up in Ukraine in such a way that we couldn’t come to the East with Ukrainian songs. More than ever today, it is necessary for a Ukrainian song to be heard, a song of support. Since the year 14, there has been such a trend, the Russian world worked so much through its agency in Ukraine, it also worked to stop the Ukrainian song. It was quite difficult to break into Kharkiv. I think now everything will change and everything will be different.

The musicians were shown the terrible consequences of the daily shelling of the city. The organizers say that the decision to give a concert in the subway was spontaneous.

Maria Mezentseva, organizer of the concert

I’m sure that what he saw today – the rocket hitting the dormitory, the school on the way to Saltivka, he met with the military – he will carry it during the holidays. This pain, hope and clear belief in victory.


I was going to the metro today, I saw that the equipment was being prepared. Music is my whole life. I approached, asked, decided to look.


Music is always important – both in everyday life and when emotions are so heavy. Nights are very scary in Kharkiv, and not only nights. Let everything be good, let there be songs. We are here, I hope, we will be here in our hometown.

Oleg Skrypka, leader of the band “VV”

The city is modern, modern, beautiful, comfortable for life. And I am convinced that it will be like that, thank God, that in parallel with all the horrors of the war, Kharkiv still finds the strength to maintain roads and sidewalks in good condition. I love Kharkiv.

After the start of the war, several new songs appeared in the musicians’ repertoire.

Oleg Skrypka, leader of the band “VV”

Songs about Bandera and “Red viburnum” have now entered my repertoire, because they are already new anthems of Ukraine, they must be performed. And so old songs, they do not lose their relevance.

Today, a Ukrainian song is needed more than ever: Oleg Skrypka played 11 in the Kharkiv subway

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