“Today – to clarify the data, tomorrow – to the front”: why Ukrainians do not go to the TCC |


The Ministry of Defense believes that it is time to increase the level of trust between conscripts and the TCC.

On this occasion, the department announced an information campaign, the purpose of which is to convince citizens to update their data at military commissariats, the publication writes Focus.

Ukrainians are persuaded to come to military commissariats to update their data, because the Armed Forces need brave soldiers.

Such an information campaign announced in the Ministry of Defense together with the creative agency I AM IDEA.

According to Hromadske with reference to agencymore than half of Ukrainians do not voluntarily contact the TCC, even to clarify data, because they feel fear, doubt or mistrust.

The majority of such people are in the age groups of 25-34 years (72%) and 35-44 years (66%).

Why Ukrainians do not voluntarily go to the TCC to renew their personal data and what the law says about it, explains expert, lawyer Rostyslav Kravets.

According to the expert, the law provides for administrative responsibility for evading military registration.

Article 210 of the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for liability for violations by conscripts, conscripts, and reservists of the rules of military registration (in particular, for failing to register in a timely manner within 7 days).

The fine is from UAH 510 to UAH 850. For repeated violations within a year, the fine increases to UAH 1,700.

Article 210-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for liability for violations of defense legislation, mobilization training and mobilization.

For example, failure to appear on a summons about the initial summons to the military commissariat.

For committing an offense for the first time, the fine is from UAH 1,700 to UAH 3,400.

For repeated violations within a year — from UAH 3,400 to UAH 5,100.

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