Tolk Group joins UN Global Compact

Tolk Group joins UN Global Compact

The Tolk International Energy Supplier Group has joined the UN Global Compact and committed to adhere to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in four areas: protecting human rights, labor relations, protecting the environment and fighting corruption.

According to a company press release on Tuesday, Tolk is committed to the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies, increased responsibility for the environment and energy conservation.

“Joining the UN Global Compact is a consistent step in the strategic development of Tolk Group… We are confident that our experience will be useful for introducing the best international practices for the development of Ukraine and improving the lives of our citizens during martial law and during the recovery period,” CEO of Tolk Volodymyr Krupko is cited in the document.

According to the press release, the key social projects of Tolk Group in the energy sector include, in particular, support for the humanitarian hub of the Kharkiv CHPP-5, which daily delivers food, medicine and other necessary things to more than 5,000 residents of Kharkiv and nearest settlements.

Another of the projects is targeted support for small and medium-sized businesses: the abolition of the margin of the energy supplier until the end of martial law in Ukraine with the introduction of a special tariff for Ukrainian companies “Timely Support” without paying for the supplier’s services.

Tolk also intends to promote the use of green energy, constantly increase the share of electricity produced from renewable sources in the energy balance of the group, enter into direct contracts with solar electricity producers and supply it to its customers.

In addition, Tolk plans to promote the implementation of energy-saving technologies at its customers’ enterprises, as well as advise government authorities and the energy professional community on issues of lawmaking and regulations regarding the development of the Ukrainian energy market.

Tolk Group was established in 2021 by three companies – Avgusta LLC, Zakarpattiaenergozbyt LLC and Volynelectrozbyt LLC. The participants declared their goal to further develop the services of companies and develop a competitive electricity market in Ukraine.


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