Tragedy in Brovary: doctors spoke about the condition of the victims  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Tragedy in Brovary: doctors spoke about the condition of the victims

Currently, eight out of ten people who were injured as a result of the helicopter crash in the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital are in intensive care Brovary Kyiv region. Among the patients are four children. The condition of the wounded did not deteriorate during the day. The director of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital, Tetyana Pekhno, said that the affected citizens have 3 to 40% skin burns. They are in special boxed departments and for each of them there is an individual examination and treatment plan. He writes about it UNIAN.

“All adults and children were examined by all specialists, endoscopic examination, in particular, cardiological and ultrasound. Because we had to rule out or confirm the presence of another combined injury, possibly something that is not related only to burns, as a result of such combined severe injury to the patients,” explained Pehno.

According to the director of the hospital, three families wanted to continue treatment abroad. All necessary documents have already been prepared and sent to the Ministry of Health.

We will remind you that the tragedy in Brovary happened the day before in the morning: a helicopter fell on the territory of the kindergarten. At the place of fall 14 dead, including a child, were found.

Aboard there were nine people, including Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrskyi, his first deputy Yevgeny Yenin, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lubkovich, assistants and crew members. They all died.

As of today, January 19, 16 people remain in the hospital, six of them are children.

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