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Michigan court allowed 45 US President Donald Trump participate in the Republican Party primaries. The decision was approved by Court of Claims Judge James Redford, transmits Associated Press.

Redford rejected arguments that Trump’s role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol meant the court should have ruled him unfit to run for president.

The judge said that because Trump followed state law in the primary, he couldn’t throw him out of the race.

In addition, he said the US Congress must decide whether Trump should be disqualified from the election under a section of the US Constitution that bars a person who participated in an insurrection from holding office.

“The decision as to whether an event constitutes an insurrection, and whether anyone participated in it, are matters best left to Congress rather than to a single judicial officer. A judge may not in any way, shape or form implement the representations presented.” qualities of every citizen of the nation, as the House of Representatives and the Senate do,” Redford said.

REFERENCE. Trump faces 91 charges in four criminal cases. We are talking about the illegal handling of secret documents, an attempt to falsify election results and the illegal expenditure of funds raised for the presidential campaign. Despite this, Trump continues to participate in the election campaign and intends to participate in the US presidential elections in 2024.

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