Turkey headed NATO peacekeeping mission for the first time – details



Amid tensions over a recent armed provocation by pro-Serbian forces, Turkey on Tuesday (10 October) took over the chairmanship of the NATO peacekeeping force in the partially recognized Kosovo (KFOR).

About this reported KFOR press service in social networks.

It is noted that the previous commander of the NATO peacekeeping forces in Kosovo, the Italian Angelo Michele Ristuccia, handed over the powers to the Turkish general Ozkan Ulutas during a ceremony in Pristina.

As you know, the KFOR mission, created in accordance with the resolution of the UN Security Council, was first deployed in 1999 and currently includes 27 countries. Turkey is the second largest contributor to the mission with a total of 4,500 military personnel.

We will remind that Kosovo joined the declaration on support of security guarantees for Ukraine, which was adopted by the countries of the Group of Seven on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Earlier, Serbian President VučiΔ‡ threatened that Ukraine would “lose everything” if it recognized Kosovo.

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Source: Turkey headed NATO peacekeeping mission for the first time – details


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