Twitter's blue verification check will cost the same for Android and iOS users

Twitter’s blue verification check will cost the same for Android and iOS users

It informs Reuters.

They note that from now on, a subscription to Twitter Blue will cost $11 per month for both Android and iOS users. Previously, Android owners could purchase a subscription for $8 per month, which is $3 cheaper than iOS owners. So the verification check box on Twitter, which was previously free for the accounts of public figures, will now be available to all users who pay for it.

Reuters writes that the higher prices for Android users are likely to offset the fees Google charges the company for the Play Store, just as Apple’s App Store does.

At the same time, Twitter introduced an annual subscription plan. It will cost $84 and will be cheaper than a monthly subscription to Twitter Blue. A discount will be available for such web users from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

  • On December 12, 2022, the Twitter Blue service was relaunched, where users can get a verification checkmark.
  • On January 4, Twitter announced that it will expand the list of political ads that can be published on the social network.
  • The Twitter company has once again laid off workers: now the staff of the trust and security team, which deals with global content moderation, has been reduced.

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