ЄС свого часу не прислухався до попереджень Варшави щодо планів росії, що вказує на велику проблему в Європейському Союзі.

Two countries rule the European Union de facto as an oligarchy – the Prime Minister of Poland

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In recent years, the European Union has been governed de facto by the principles of an oligarchy. Only France and Germany do this.

It is reported The worldwith reference to the statement of the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki.

“On paper, all member states are equal. But the political reality shows that the weight of German and French votes is dominant. We are dealing with a formal democracy, but a de facto oligarchy, where power is in the hands of the strongest.”– said the Polish Prime Minister.

The head of the Polish government also emphasized that Paris and Berlin ignore the voices of countries such as Poland, which have long warned united Europe about Russian expansionism, but many leaders of leading countries were fascinated by the president of the aggressor country, Putin.

The Prime Minister of Poland said that Europe remains indifferent to the genocide in UkraineAccording to Moravetskyi, Ukrainians constantly have to worry about whether arms deliveries will arrive on time, whether someone will start negotiations with Putin behind their backs, and whether the EU will finally decide on sanctions.
June 3, 2022, 11:06 am

According to Moravetskyi, they are already shocked by what is currently happening.

According to the Polish Prime Minister, the EU did not listen to Warsaw’s warnings about Russia’s plans, which indicates a big problem in the European Union.

“Europe found itself in its current position because at one time it refused to hear the truth and did not want to notice that the demons of the 19th and 20th centuries were reborn in the Russian Federation: nationalism, colonialism and totalitarianism”– concluded Moravetskyi.

Note that, according to Moravetskyi, Vladimir Putin is more dangerous than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The prime minister said that his ideology should be completely eradicated, and Russia should be “deputized”.

We will remind that Scholz doubted the need for visa sanctions for Russians. Before that, he stated that he considered it an unjustified step to ban the entry of all Russians because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

We will also remind you that Russia started threatening to “denazify” Poland back in the spring.

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