Tyshlek is covered by the Office of the President and the mafia, with whom he should fight


One of the top leaders of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine lived in the house of a criminal leader, used a car registered to the criminal leader’s company, and hid the fact that his wife is a citizen of Russia and has close ties there.

It seemed that Tyshlek should be immediately dismissed from his position, brought to justice, and those who failed a special check and allowed a person connected with crime to such a high position should also be held accountable.

But Tyshlek got away with everything, other law enforcement officers are afraid to touch him. He was removed from his duties by order of the Minister of Internal Affairs, but, according to Censor.Net sources, all this is just a show.

Tyshlek has not yet been dismissed from the National Police.

The official investigation regarding Tyshlek did not make any conclusions for a whole month of work.

But the most cynical thing is that Tyshlek continues to work in his office, goes to work and actually controls the very areas that are very attractive to the mafia. In particular, this is the issue of drug trafficking, which is closely monitored by the Khimprom group.

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Thus, the journalists did all the work instead of the state control bodies, but the state has still not done anything to fulfill its duties, to release and punish the high-ranking official.

Such complete passivity of the government shows that Tyshlek is being “roofed” by the Office of the President and the same mafia, with which Tyshlek should have fought by his position, but instead began to live with the mafia.

Without a doubt, the appointment and retention of Tyshlek in his position after such a super-scandal is a joint decision of Zelenskyi, Yermak and Tatarov.

And one may get the impression that they are not doing it for nothing, but because mafia money goes into the pockets not only of some leaders of the National Police, but also of the top management of the Servants of the People.

Since Zelensky is afraid to answer the uncoordinated questions of Ukrainian journalists, and was even afraid to meet with me at a press conference during the war, I hope that one of the foreign journalists will be able to ask the head of state why he keeps odious people in the highest positions in the police, and why he does not comment publicly this shameful story.


About the author: Yuriy Butusov, journalist, soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The editors do not always share the opinions expressed by the authors of the blogs.

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