Ukraine and the EU have concluded 5 agreements, bringing the accession to the European Union closer: details

Ukraine and the EU have concluded 5 agreements, bringing the accession to the European Union closer: details

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Ukraine and the European Union have signed five important agreements that bring our country closer to joining the European Union. One of them will make it possible to receive another 500 million euros of aid from the EU.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this in his Telegram on Monday, September 5.

Stefanishyna told how much Ukraine fulfilled its obligations under the Association Agreement with the EUThe Ukrainian authorities want to receive political clarity from the EU leaders regarding the next steps on this path by the end of the year.
August 21, 2022, 5:17 p.m

Firstaccording to him, it refers to the Agreement on the participation of Ukraine in the EU program “Digital Europe” (2021-2027).

This is part of the EU digital visa-free regime. The “Digital Europe” program has a budget of 7.5 billion euros for the development of projects in five areas:

  • supercomputer
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • cyber security
  • digital skills
  • ensuring the widespread use of digital technologies in the economy and society.

The second agreement – on Ukraine’s participation in the EU program for cooperation in the customs sphere.

From October 1, customs visa-free with the EU will start working. Shmyhal emphasized that after signing today’s agreement, Ukraine will join the customs cooperation program with a budget of about 1 billion euros. This will allow us to improve the qualifications of our customs officers, to participate in the development and use of European electronic systems.

The third agreement provides for the provision of budgetary support to Ukraine for 500 million euros.

Funds are earmarked and will go towards providing housing for displaced people, as well as supporting small farmers to continue and develop their business.

Ukraine also signed the fourth agreement – on Ukraine’s participation in the Fiscalis EU tax cooperation program.

From now on, the tax service will be able to exchange information with colleagues from the EU. There is an opportunity to use modern European IT systems in the field of taxation.

In addition, the parties signed the fifth agreement, thanks to which the European Commission increases the budget for grants for Ukraine by 122 million euros. This will ensure financing of priorities for Ukraine.

“All five agreements are an important element of our two-year plan for integration into the European Union, as well as an extraordinary step of European solidarity with Ukraine in this war”– emphasized Shmyhal.

We will remind, the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna said that Ukraine is no longer interested in the MAP in NATO, now only membership is needed.

Stefanyshyn also assumed that negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union could begin in 2023.

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