Ukraine can return Crimea within a year - General Hodges

Ukraine can return Crimea within a year – General Hodges

About this stated former commander of US forces in Europe, an expert at the Washington Center for European Policy Analysis, retired general Ben Hodges, Newsweek said.

“They set the conditions under which they can restore full sovereignty, including Crimea, I think, within the next year,” he said.

According to Hodges, Russia currently controls less than 20% of the territory of Ukraine, and its ability to conduct further offensive operations is practically exhausted.

He added that Western partners should provide Kyiv with the material and moral support it will need to achieve a complete military victory.

“We need a declaration that we want Ukraine to win, that we want it to get all of its territory back, that we want it to be able to defend itself in the future, and that we will do everything necessary to help them do that.” – he said.

Ben Hodges noted that Washington is fully aware of Ukraine’s needs.

  • On August 31, intelligence reported that the Russian Federation plans to transfer Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents to the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. Military units of the Russian armed forces will also be supplemented by 1,200 conscripts.
  • The Russians in occupied Crimea began to place military and weapons depots on the basis of coal warehouses or pig farms in order to confuse the Ukrainian army.
  • In the temporarily occupied Crimea, in the village of Krasnogvardiyske, on August 31, a Russian oil depot was burning from 6 in the morning.
  • On the night of September 3-4, explosions rang out in Simferopol. Later, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyi confirmed the missile strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on air bases in Crimea

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