Ukraine celebrates Defenders Day on a new date for the first time. The whole country will stop at 09:00 | News of Ukraine


On Sunday, October 1, Ukraine will celebrate for the first time on a new date Day of Defenders and Defenders. Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, in particular the president Vladimir Zelenskycalled on citizens to stop at 09:00 on this day to honor those who fell in the battles for Ukraine with a minute of silence.

“This Sunday, for the first time, all of Ukraine will stop for a minute to honor in silence the feat of our people who died defending our state and Ukrainians. Let this become our new tradition,” Zelensky wrote.

IN Minveteranov called on everyone to stop at 09:00, being in any place – in a square or street, in a big city or in a village, being in a car or walking.

“For a minute. Almost the memory of each and everyone, thanks to whom we live today on our free land,” the message says.

  • July 14 Rada supported a bill to change the date of public holidays for the sake of “renouncing Russian heritage.”
  • According to a survey by the Rating group, the majority of Ukrainians support the transition to a new church calendar.

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