Ukraine, EU sign five agreements at once that bring our country closer to joining EU

Ukraine, EU sign five agreements at once that bring our country closer to joining EU

Ukraine and the European Union have signed five agreements bringing the country closer to joining the European Union and contributing to the stability of the state in the war against Russia, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said.

In particular, on the Telegram channel, the Prime Minister informed that the parties had signed an agreement on Ukraine’s participation in the Digital Europe program (2021-2027).

According to him, this is part of the “digital visa-free” regime with the EU, which has a budget of EUR 7.5 billion for the development of projects in five areas: supercomputer, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital skills, ensuring the widespread use of digital technologies in the economy and society.

An agreement was also signed on Ukraine’s participation in the EU program for cooperation in the customs sphere.

“From October 1, a ‘customs visa-free’ regime with the EU will open. After signing today’s agreement, Ukraine will join the customs cooperation program with a budget of about EUR 1 billion. This will improve the qualifications of our customs officers, participate in the development and use of European electronic systems,” the head of government said.

In addition, an agreement was signed on Ukraine’s participation in the EU tax cooperation program Fiscalis, which, according to Shmyhal, will allow the State Tax Service to exchange information with colleagues from the EU and use modern European IT systems in the field of taxation.

“The agreement on the provision of budget support to Ukraine for EUR 500 million. The funds have a special purpose and will be used to provide housing for internally displaced persons, as well as to support small farmers so that they can continue and develop their business,” the prime minister said about another signed document.

Among other things, the parties signed an agreement, thanks to which the European Commission increases the budget for grants for Ukraine worth EUR 122 million.

“This will ensure the financing of priority projects for Ukraine and accelerate their receipt due to the fact that grants can be provided directly to state authorities, local self-government and public organizations,” he said.

Shmyhal stressed that all five agreements are an important element of the two-year plan for integration into the European Union, as well as an extraordinary step of solidarity between Europe and Ukraine.


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