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In the coming days, Ukraine will introduce an embargo on onions, tomatoes, cabbage and apples from Poland, Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka said.

The Ukrainian government official said this in an interview with a Polish publication Republic, informs “European truthยป.

Kachka said that after five months of negotiations, Ukraine lost hope of resolving this dispute, and that is why Kyiv filed an appeal to the World Trade Organization.

Since then, according to him, the Ukrainian side has not received any response from the Polish government on this matter.

It was important for Kyiv not only that Poland continued the ban, but also that it extended it to a larger number of products – flour and grain meal.

“The main reason for us is to prove that Poland has no right to introduce such measures. From the very beginning, we did not agree with the export ban, it is important for us to move in the right direction, which means a dialogue with the European Commission, as an institution responsible for international trade,” Kachka emphasized.

He explained that Ukraine took this step to “convince” Poland to take a step back and agree to the licensing mechanism developed in cooperation with the EU.

Kaczka added that Ukraine does not intend to worsen relations with Poland, but seeks to develop civilized methods of resolving the dispute.

We will remind, on Friday, the European Commission announced that it will not extend restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine after September 15, but Kyiv agreed to take measures to limit imports from its side.

However, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia have decided to impose unilateral restrictions, with Warsaw saying their restrictions will remain in place indefinitely.

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