Ukraine needs guarantees of long-term financial support – Zelenskyy to annual meeting of IMF, World Bank


Ukraine needs real guarantees of long-term financial support to protect people’s lives, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, speaking via video link at the fourth ministerial discussion at the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank.

According to the president, as part of supporting Ukraine, it is now necessary to introduce powerful and truly global sanctions against the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as the confiscation of Russian assets in order to compensate for the damage caused.

“Third, we need real guarantees of long-term financial support to protect life. The resilience of defense is always based on the resilience of society. And when there is such support, aggressors and terrorists will not have the illusion that they can outlast and win something for themselves,” he said.

As Zelenskyy emphasized, such “use of funds should be fully controlled and accountable, just as it is with funds for Ukraine.”

Also, the president noted, as part of economic support for Ukraine, it is necessary for the IMF to introduce a reliable mechanism for stimulating private investment.

“Especially a mechanism for ensuring military risks and multiplying donor capital with private capital. This is something that will always be of help,” he said.

In addition, the head of state stated the need to activate export credit agencies and project financing to ensure the implementation of investment and infrastructure projects.

“And when we talk about all this, it is important to hear not only Ukraine. That is what makes Ukraine resilient and in the fight for independence, and brings our nation’s victory closer, being a model of assistance for any other free nation. Together we can create a working model of how to make the world secure from evil elements of human nature,” Zelenskyy concluded.



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