Ukraine plans to increase exports through the port in Romania


About this reported Deputy Prime Minister for the Reconstruction of Ukraine – Minister of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

Through Constanta, one of the largest Black Sea ports and a key logistics center for Ukrainian agricultural exports, more than a million tons of grain are transported every month from Ukrainian Danube ports and sent further around the world. However, these volumes are planned to be doubled.

As Kubrakov said, during the meeting they agreed to implement two key decisions within the next two months. We are talking about the organization of additional raid transshipments in the port of Constanta and the most efficient operation of the Sulina Canal – without long-term waiting for ships to pass.

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“We have been talking about this with our partners for the last year and finally today we reached an agreement. We plan to implement both solutions within the next two months. This is a win-win solution both for Romania, which will earn from the transit of ships, and for Ukraine, which will receive additional export opportunities “, Kubrakov wrote.

He added that during the negotiations in Romania, it was also about the reconstruction of the checkpoint “Reni – Giurgiulesti – Galati”. This is the fastest way to connect Ukraine and Romania (Galati port) through the territory of Moldova. The implementation of this project will make it possible to increase the bandwidth by almost half.



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