Ukraine, Poland sign sports cooperation program for 2023-2024

Ukraine, Poland sign sports cooperation program for 2023-2024

Youth and Sports Minister of Ukraine Vadym Gutzeit and Sports and Tourism Minister of Poland Kamil Bortniczuk have signed a program of cooperation in the sphere of physical culture and sports for 2023-2024.

“Its goal is the development of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation, as well as joint opposition to Russian military aggression at the level of state authorities, national federations and professional sports clubs,” the press service of the ministry said in a statement.

The parties agreed to develop and support joint initiatives within the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other international organizations, as well as to coordinate efforts at the international level to combat Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

According to the statement, Ukraine and Poland will deepen cooperation in organizing international competitions, state support for the development of sports, combating the manipulation of sports competitions and match-fixing, introducing an inclusive and non-discriminatory approach, as well as gender equality in sports.

In addition, the countries will continue to actively cooperate in the fight against doping in sports, and will also strengthen interaction at the level of sports federations, in particular, they will encourage sports exchanges, as well as the continuation of the training process of Ukrainian athletes in Poland in the face of military aggression.


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