Ukraine returned 108 women from captivity, most of them military  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Ukraine returned 108 women from captivity, most of them military News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Ukraine conducted another large-scale prisoner exchange and returned home 108 women, most of them military personnel. Among those released are those who were captured even before February 24.

This was announced by the head of the President’s Office, Andriy Yermak, writes Hromadske.

This was the first exchange in which only women were exchanged. Among the freed Ukrainian women are 37 evacuees from Azovstal, 11 female officers, 85 privates and non-commissioned officers.

35 released defenders represent the Armed Forces, 32 – the Navy, 12 – territorial defense, 8 – the National Guard, among which 2 – from “Azov”, 5 – the State Special Transport Service and 4 – the State Border Service. Another 12 women are civilians.

Among those released are women illegally imprisoned in ORDLO. They were captured before a large-scale invasion. “People have been sitting in pseudo-republics since 2019 for an ‘extremely pro-Ukrainian position’, which was expressed in the transportation of a humanitarian woman for orphans, imaginary ‘espionage’ and ‘terrorism,'” Yermak writes.

According to him, it was a nervous exchange: there were many details and moments that could affect the process and change its course. Now all freed Ukrainian women will undergo a medical examination and rehabilitation.

Return of prisoners

At the end of September, Ukrainian intelligence reported that since February 24, Ukraine has returned 800 prisoners of war, and negotiations with Russia regarding the exchange of “all for all” are ongoing. In particular, on September 21, 215 defenders were released, including from Mariupol. And on September 29, Ukraine returned six more people from Russian captivity: 4 marines and 2 civilians.

The head of the Ministry of Reintegration, Iryna Vereshchuk, said on September 25 that Russia still holds 2,500 Ukrainians, including many civilians, in captivity. In particular, Russia is holding 616 women captive, including pregnant women.

After that, the exchanges continued: on October 11, Ukraine returned another 32 captured defenders, and on October 13, another 20 soldiers.

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