Ukraine should increase production of its own drones, weapons and ammunition


Ukraine should increase the production of its own drones, weapons and ammunition, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said.

“Ukraine should increase the production of its own drones, weapons and ammunition. For this purpose, the Cabinet of Ministers has submitted a bill, which suggests that the military personal income tax, which the state pays for the military, will be spent on the purchase of equipment and its own production of weapons,” Shmyhal wrote on the Telegram channel on Thursday.

According to him, during the full-scale invasion, local budget revenues from military personal income tax increased eight times, in particular, in 2023 the projected amount will be more than UAH 96 billion, while in 2021 it was about UAH 12 billion.

“Our Security and Defense Forces need more resources. The government bill will attract UAH 25.8 billion this year and UAH 93.7 billion next year for additional purchases of drones and to increase its own production of weapons,” the prime minister believes.

He stressed that at the same time over UAH 200 billion, already accumulated in the accounts of local budgets and budgetary institutions, will remain at the disposal of local authorities.

“To those communities that objectively will not have enough funds, the state will provide a basic and leave a reverse subsidy. Thus, the resource of local budgets in 2024 will be UAH 75 billion more than it was in 2021 before the full-scale invasion,” Shmyhal summed up.



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