Ukraine urgently asks for tanks, but West nods to service problems – Politico - Ukraine news, Politics

Ukraine urgently asks for tanks, but West nods to service problems – Politico – Ukraine news, Politics

Ukraine urgently asks for the supply of modern tanks, but the West is slow, in particular, explaining this with problems with logistics and maintenance. Politico writes about it.

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German Leopard tanks and American M-1 Abrams are the priority of Ukrainian requests to liberate the occupied territories, journalists write. It became especially relevant after the announcement in Russia mobilization.

“Now this is the first on their list, before this was not. They are trying to retake the territory, and tanks are helping them in this,” said a congressional official familiar with the request.

However, Western top faces are hesitant to install them, partly because of problems with training, service and logistics, sources from Ukraine and the US Congress say. For example, the M-1 is very different from the tanks of the Soviet era, consumes a lot of fuel, requires significant maintenance and provision.

“Getting Ukraine not only American-made tanks, but also parts to maintain them is a rather difficult obstacle. You don’t want to give them something that will break and they will run out of gas and they won’t be able to fill them up,” he said on condition of anonymity one of the American officials.

REFERENCE. The Abrams division can consume up to 2.27 million liters of fuel per day, journalists say.

“These are not rental cars, there is a lot to do with it. Basically, you are adding hundreds of extra things that you need to carry with you … You look at a US Army tank company today, they are followed by thousands of gallons of fuel every day,” says the ex-commander US forces in Europe, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges.

In Germany, at the same time, they repeat that they will not make a decision on the supply of tanks unilaterally. Ukraine really wants the Leopard and was very disappointed that Germany denied permission to Spain and other countries to donate them, one Ukrainian government adviser said.

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