Ukraine will soon receive more than 10 Abrams tanks from the United States – Danilov – Ukrainian news, Politics


Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov stated in a comment Ukrainian radiothat in the near future Ukraine will receive more than 10 American Abrams tanks.

According to him, the crews who will operate the combat vehicles are already undergoing training.

β€œAs for the supply of Abrams, the heaviest tanks in the world, which weigh 80 tons, they will arrive in our country in the near future,” Danilov said.

The NSDC Secretary noted that there will be more tanks than originally planned.

β€œThere will be more than ten of them. And today a corresponding number of training crews are acquiring skills in using these modern weapons,” the official said.

  • At the beginning of 2023, the United States promised Ukraine 31 Abrams M1A2 tanks; they were supposed to enter service in a few months.
  • On August 7, the United States approved the shipment of the first batch of Abrams tanks to Ukraine; it was stated that they would arrive by early autumn.
  • Politico, citing sources in the Pentagon, stated that Ukraine could receive the first batch of American M1 Abrams tanks as early as mid-September, and the West hopes that the vehicles will help in the offensive.

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