Ukraine’s Defense Ministry cooperates with EU to monitor accounting of weapons supplied by EU member states


Representatives of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine has met with a delegation from the European Peace Facility (EPF) monitoring mission to discuss EU experts’ monitoring of accounting the assistance provided by the EU member states (weapons, military hardware, and military property).

The ministry informed the foreign colleagues on the procedure of accounting the property supplied by the EU and expressed its readiness to fully support an audit.

The EU officials, for their part, praised the openness of the Ukrainian side, its willingness to cooperate, and also noted that such a transparent approach has a positive impact on EU member states’ decision to continue providing Ukraine with military assistance.

“In addition, this allows to actively and effectively counteract the propaganda and fake accusations of Ukraine’s alleged illegal transfers of weapons to third parties. The sides agreed to continue their joint work,” the press service of the Defense Ministry said.

The total amount of military assistance provided to Ukraine by EU member states since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale aggression is estimated at around EUR 27 billion, of which EUR 5.6 billion is the money provided within the EPF.



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