Ukrainian Armed Forces: The Russians threw all their strength into a breakthrough in the Kremennaya area. Even signalmen go on assaults – Ukrainian news, Politics


The Russian occupiers created a shock fist for a breakthrough in the Novoyegorovka area in the Liman direction. Speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces Ilya Yevlash announced this on air at the national telethon.

According to him, the Russians continue to prepare assault units to break through the Ukrainian defenses in the Kupyansk-Liman sector.

Over the past 24 hours, there have been 554 shellings, five military clashes, the enemy is attacking in the areas of Novoegorovka and Sinkovka.

101 invaders, two T-72 tanks, D-20 and D-30 guns were destroyed.

β€œThe enemy threw all his forces at Novoegorovka, made a strike fist in this direction. We are doing everything to prevent them from breaking through. They are collecting units from the remnants of previously defeated formations. Even signalmen are being transferred to attack aircraft. The main emphasis is on manpower,” said Yevlash .

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