Ukrainian fighters shoot down Shahed 136 near the Danube Delta – where the Geran-2 UAV hit – Ukrainian news, Regional news


Several groups of Shahed-136 (Geran-2) kamikaze drones were launched by Russian terrorists late in the evening of September 2 from Kuban and occupied Crimea. After the first hour of the night, some of them, which were not β€œworked out” by the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ air defense over the Black Sea, flew to the Danube Delta and attacked Ukrainian ports of Izmail and Reni. Air defense operations can be heard in the area.

Po data monitoring of the Air Force, several groups (a group is considered to be a number of two or more) drones were launched by the occupiers from the airfield near Primorsko-Akhtarsk in the Russian Federation and the Crimean training ground “Chauda”.

By 01:20-01:30 at night in the Danube Delta region local residents heard the work of aviation and other air defense components, explosions thundered.

02:08. Another group of “martyrs” moves towards the south of the Odessa region.

After exit RF from the grain deal in mid-July 2023, the Russian army destroys ports and granaries in the Odessa region with missiles and drones. After Ukraine began exporting more grain through Danube ports to RomaniaIshmael and Reni are frequent targets for the invaders.

On September 2, the foreign ministers of Turkey and the terrorist country Russia announced that the UN and Ankara were preparing some new β€œproposals” (which included the withdrawal from sanctions of one of the banks and fertilizer producing companies of the Russian Federation) to resume the deal on the export of grain from Ukraine.

02:09. Today, drones are probably flying to Reni: near Izmail they have been heard since two in the morning, but there are no sounds of arrivals in the city.

02:14-02:16. Now explosions are heard in Izmail. It is unknown whether the air defense was intercepting or not.

02:20. And in Reni there is also an explosion.

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02:30. In the area of ​​port cities (especially Reni) it is loud. Air defense is working, but it seems that there are also arrivals: some explosions are powerful.

02:40. Air defense or arrival in Reni.

03:05. Rennie. The same sounds.

The news is being updated…

Ukrainian intelligence is looking for drone production sites in Russia for β€œkinetic influence” on them.

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