Ukrainian MFA calls on Brussels to request explanation from Hungary why Szijj谩rt贸 spreading disinformation against EU in Asia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, commenting on a video in which Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijj谩rt贸 claims that the world is suffering from the consequences of war not because of Russian aggression, but because of EU policy, called on Brussels to request an explanation from Budapest, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko said.

“It turns out that the whole world is suffering the consequences of the war not because Russia attacked Ukraine, but because Europe has globalized the conflict. This is the opinion of Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijj谩rt贸, who recently visited Hong Kong. In our opinion, Brussels should ask for an explanation from Budapest about why the Hungarian minister is spreading disinformation against the European Union in the interests of Russia,” Nikolenko said on Facebook, attaching a corresponding video to the post.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said this is not only about Ukraine, but also about “Hungary鈥檚 attempts to undermine European positions in Asia.”



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