Ukrainian refugees will be able to leave Ireland for the holidays without losing their housing


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The Irish authorities have changed their decision on the stay of Ukrainian refugees in the country from December 22 to January 5.

About this informs Irish Mirror.

It is noted that Ukrainians are allowed to go home or to other countries for Christmas and temporarily leave their state-provided housing without losing it.

Refugees must return to their homes in Ireland by January 5 or risk losing their homes, according to a decision by the Department for Children, Equality, Disability, Inclusion and Youth Affairs. However, any personal items left here will be disposed of after 60 days. Refugees must also continue to pay the mandatory housing contribution during their absence.

Last month, it was announced that refugees who returned to Ukraine for the holidays could lose their homes, as the length of the period they were allowed to be away was reduced from seven days to zero. This meant that they could not go to Ukraine for Christmas, because their place could be given to other refugees.

The rule was the first in a series of measures designed to make Ireland less attractive to people seeking temporary protection.

Under the new rules, asylum seekers must continue to pay the compulsory contribution for their accommodation in their absence.

“Any unauthorized absence after this date will be treated as a refusal and housing may be reassigned.” – the message says.

The change does not affect refugees currently living in mortgaged or modular housing, who are already entitled to travel at will.

We will remind you that the Irish government plans to implement measures to change social benefits and oblige Ukrainian refugees to pay for housing by the end of this year.

It was also reported that Denmark and Switzerland extended the status of temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees.

On the “Word and Deed” infographic, you can see which countries are planning to cut aid to Ukrainian refugees.

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Source: Ukrainian refugees will be able to leave Ireland for the holidays without losing their housing


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