Ukrainian tape "State Emergency Committee" became the best game short film at the festival in Berlin


This was reported by the State Agency for Cinema of Ukraine. It is noted that according to the plot of the tape, life has stopped between the past and the future, and in this temporal vacuum the inhabitants of the camp do not even imagine that the country and their destinies will change forever in three days of the GKChP.

"August 19, 1991. Life is raging in a children’s and youth camp near Zaporizhzhia: 14-year-old Andriy steals gifts for Ira to express his feelings and runs away from the policeman. Teacher Taras is in love with the director Halyna, but she is not into him now. The head of the camp and former dissident Petrovych brought the news: there are rallies in Moscow, and they have been playing on TV since morning "Swan Lake", the message says. It is known that the main roles in the tape "State Emergency Committee" played by Iryna Mak and Oleg Stefan. The short feature film produced by Family Production was created with the support of Derzhkino. On October 13, the National Award of Film Critics "Kinokol" announced the winners: it was recognized as the best full-length feature film of the year "At the Palisade" Philip Sotnichenko.


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