Ukrainians can expect a sunny start to the week without rain

Ukrainians can expect a sunny start to the week without rain

About this reported Espresso.TV forecaster Natalka Didenko.

She noted that the clouds, “although beautiful, white, are few, but there is a lot of blue sky.”

“On September 5, during the day, the air temperature will be moderate: cooler in the east and north, +15+19 degrees, warmer in the west and south, +17+24 degrees, in the central part – moderately warm, +16+20 degrees. Night , of course, it is already cold, it is expected to be +7+12 degrees, in the northern regions and in the northeast +4+9 degrees,” Didenko wrote.

The weather forecaster also noted that “many Ukrainians are now in our friendly neighbor – Poland, so let’s take a look there with a weather forecast.”

“On Monday, so that our people will not be sad, the Polish weather will be almost identical to the Ukrainian one – dry, sunny, cool at night, +6+13 degrees, moderately warm during the day, maximum during the day +17+22 degrees. No precipitation in Warsaw, +8 at night , +20 degrees during the day,” Didenko noted.

The forecaster predicts that sunny, beautiful weather is expected in Kyiv on September 5 with a maximum air temperature of about +18 degrees. At night, in the evening, in the morning, thermometers will drop to +7+11 degrees.

“For most of the week, we will be in dry, sunny weather, heavy rains will arrive in Ukraine on Saturday-Sunday. Where, what, how much – we will see together,” Didenko wrote.

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